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31e Leiden Marathon 15 May 2022
We are looking forward to it... On May 14 and 15, 2022 the 31st edition of the Leiden Marathon will be held. In full glory, so with the big Walking Tour on Saturday, May 14 and on Sunday the big Running Edition with all the bells and whistles we can think of.

Because the 30th edition was finally held after four attempts. Despite all the obstacles, it was a very successful edition. The weather was good, the public was almost euphoric, as were the volunteers, but especially the runners, who were extraordinaire, they would say in France. Because we were all allowed to run again after that nasty corona crisis.

So now we look ahead to the spring of 2022. Because on May 14 and 15 is the first of the next thirty Leiden Marathons. We said it, with all the bells and whistles we can think of. I would just put the weekend in my calendar....

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