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Leiden Marathon Wandelen 13 May 2023
We are really looking forward to it... On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the big Walking Tour of the 31st Leiden Marathon will finally be held again. In May 2019 we walked for the last time, so we are extra happy when we can walk again in the spring of 2022.
You will walk with us over the official course of the marathon that is run a day later. So you can walk 42, 21 or 10 kilometres along the magnificent route in historic Leiden and the beautiful rural Green Heart.

Of course, we could be knocked back by that nasty virus, but we're not going to assume that. If it does, you'll get a voucher or your money back.
Let's look forward together to the sunny spring of 2022. Then we will have a wonderful walk on Saturday 14 May in the Leiden Marathon Walk. I would sign up now and put that date in my calendar.

You can register until May 1, 2023.
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The 10 kilometres: 15,00 CLOSED
The Half Marathon: 20,00
The Marathon: 30,00
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