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33e Leiden Marathon 12 May 2024
It never gets boring, such a Leiden Marathon. On 11 and 12 May 2024, we will do the trick for the 33rd time and with just as much fun as the very first one. Hopefully you will be there.
In 2023, the 32nd was a top edition. With thousands of motivated runners and, on Saturday, a large group of enthusiastic walkers. With great weather for everyone, good organisation and a super atmosphere in the city and villages. In short, we are looking forward to another beautiful renowned Leiden weekend.
Register and you will experience it too. Leiden at its best.
In case you didn't already know. All distances have one lap, including the marathon. The walkers follow the same route on Saturday as the runners on Sunday. And more than a thousand volunteers take care of you. Because we have had a simple but clear slogan all these years: It's all about you!
You can register until 8 May 2024 exactly 12:00. We have no post-registration. But please note that even last year several distances sold out so be there in time.

Our entry fees are:

The Corpus Kidsrun : €6.00
The 5 of Leiden Marathon: €16.00
The 10 of Zorg en Zekerheid : €25.00
The 21 of Leiden Marathon : €37.00
The 42 of Vermeulen Group : €57.00
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